Update – One Month In…

One Month In…how am I doing?!


I’m reading my Bible every day…made it through to Samuel in OT and John in NT. It got a bit rocky around Judges – I just don’t get Samson and Delilah. But a good thing from that is that I was so confused by Samson that I dug around in my Study Bible to figure it out a bit more. Which worked, sort of. I’m enjoying having quiet times each morning, reading my Bible whilst eating breakfast. It feels productive 🙂 This is tying in with the other goals I had, to spend more time with God and focus on Him. I’m still working on that…

Goal 4 was to consider how I serve in church: I’m still doing that. I was asked just recently to join another team at church and it only took a moment’s prayer to know that it wasn’t right for me. I’m still serving in the Creche team and leading another team, but with my work schedule I am currently working every Saturday for the foreseeable, and I’m on call 2 Sundays out of 5  (don’t ask me how it works!!) so I feel I need to protect my Sundays so I can attend a full service.

Discipleship; I was asked a while ago to consider taking on another “disciplee” but after some consideration I’ve declined – not because I don’t want to, I think the girl is great, but I don’t have the time to devote to her. I’m trying to get monthly dates with each girl so that I can spend quality time with them, working together.


I’m enjoying work at the moment, it was fairly quiet after Christmas but then this past week has just been so busy with all the kids having a lot going on and me needing to deal with it. Craziness. But I’m enjoying it. I’m also doing contact work, which takes up my Saturdays but I can claim this time as additional holiday.

I’m still looking into external training courses I can attend to help with my PDQ. I’ve looked into some certificates with the OU but I think they demand more time than I have available so I’ll keep looking. The Kent Safeguarding Children Board has a good list of training courses but I couldn’t access the real information!


I haven’t done ANY exercise, since Christmas (shocker) and I abandoned the “no chocolate” rule for the month of January as there was too much around. February will be the start of my cutdown on junk/salty/sugary foods. I plan to eat more fruit, nuts and veg to balance this. I’m also comparing gym memberships (really I just want to swim!) but I’m trying to figure out which is the most economical.

One bit of progress is that I’ve been eating lunch every day, and have increased my fruit intake already to boost lunch – so instead of snacking on eating biscuits/chocolates at work I’m having a healthy and more filling option.


I’m writing every day which I’m finding is really helpful. I have a “page-a-day” diary from work and even just writing one A5 side each evening is great as I can just offload how the day has been, how I’ve felt etc. Getting it out of my mind before I sleep is helping me to sleep better too.

I’m amending my Reading goal – because 1 Christian book for every 2 fiction books is probably very unrealistic. I’m amending it to 1 Christian book per month. I figure this will give me more chance to actually absorb what I’m reading rather than trying to just ‘get through’ one book so I can read another. I read a great book called “When I See Him” in January and I’m going to read “Mere Christianity” throughout February. It’s been on my ‘list’ for about six months!

I’m off Facebook! I haven’t missed it since Rosie changed my password for me…though it’s hard to be out of the loop with events etc, I just need to ensure I keep in touch with people to make sure they tell me in person! Facebook makes it easy for people to be lazy, I think. I’ll probably go back on at some point but I’m not feeling the urge right now. It’s not a necessity, it is a tool for networking and right now I’m managing without  – shock horror!!

I think that’s a pretty thorough update, or at least, thorough enough!

When work makes me sad…

After STUPIDLY telling a friend that work was so quiet and settled it was almost boring, today was a day which proved you should learn to enjoy the quiet because when it goes wrong, it all goes wrong at once.

I can’t write about it, because of safeguarding and confidentiality (see, I am a professional) which is actually hard because I feel I need to rant about the state of the world and the awfully hopeless situations my kids are in and just generally lament a bit. Fortunately Rosie is coming home in a few hours and I can rant about it to her so instead what I’m doing now is finding silly clips on YouTube to make me laugh a bit.

For example:


1 week update

6 days into 2012 and I’m feeling quite chipper today. Yesterday I was tired and a little bleugh as I felt quite drained after 2 days of work, but today was a Good Day and I am on top of it 🙂 Yay!

Goal update: haven’t managed to cut out chocolate, as Mum bought me a huge tube of Minstrels for my journey, and then yesterday I really wanted a McFlurry and they only come in chocolate so I just had to have one.

Best thing is, I don’t have to be legalistic about this and I really enjoy that feeling. Goals are goals, it’s not a set rule. One thing I am finding is that I am spurring myself on more. For example, this evening I needed to go to Morrisons to get petrol, as I was on the red light and have work again tomorrow. I felt like I couldn’t be bothered and said to myself that I’d go tomorrow before work.

But where’s the sense in that?! I was already in the car, Morrisons isn’t too much of a detour and going there before work tomorrow means I’d sacrifice some time in the morning – time I could spend with God.

So I went to Morrisons, and tomorrow morning before work I’m going to chill out with my Heavenly Father and listen to some worship music. I don’t need to be in work til 10, so will have plenty of time in the morning as Rosie will have a lie-in.

Another example is last night when I really “couldn’t be bothered” to make my lunch for today. I knew I needed to do it, because I wouldn’t have time in the morning (which is always the case, and in the past is the reason why I have skipped lunch) – but “not being bothered” is just not a good enough reason. So I did it, and I had lunch for today and then didn’t snack on rubbish and generally have a good feeling at the moment.

I am liking 2012 so far


Goals for 2012

As it’s the first day of a brand new year, I feel provoked to consider what God has in store for me in 2012, and the things that I hope to do for His glory…


1) Finish reading The Bible – I’m four months into the Bible In A Year, and hope to continue with this, finishing in September

2) Seek God daily – I want to set time aside to pray to my Father and listen to His voice

3) Focus on my Father – rather than getting sidetracked by what others have and are doing, I hope to set my mind on things above and trust God’s plan for me

4) Consider my serving roles – I want to specifically consider how I serve my church and whether what I do is glorifying to God. I think this is something that everyone should do with some kind of regularity, as it is easy to get stuck into a “rut” of doing things just because you always have, rather than because that is the thing God wants for you. I want to devote some real time to pursuing God in this and may need to make some changes in how I serve, in line with what God instructs

5) Be a devoted Discipler – I have the privilege of being discipler to three amazing young women of God and I want to honour them with my time, words and love over the next year.


1) Honour my employer – I am blessed to have a secure job in a fraught work environment, I want to honour my employer and be the best employee that I can be

2) Train and improve my skills – I want to seek training opportunities and make the most of them!

3) Study more – I intend to keep more up-to-date with social work research and articles and pay more attention to what the Government is doing


In 2011 I faced lots of health challenges which I didn’t really deal with in a Godly way; I plan to change that! I am still facing these challenges but rather than bury my head in the sand I will first trust God and so allow Him to lead me through these experiences. I believe that health is something that encompasses your body, your mind and your Spirit – I hope to maintain a balance of these three and truly take care of myself, staying right with God and honouring the gift of life that He has given me. My health goals are:

1) Exercise regularly – I want to get back into a routine of good exercise. I’m using a workout designed by http://www.swimplan.com which structures your swim to allow you to see your improvement

2) Eat well – no more skipping meals, or managing on biscuits for lunch whilst I am at work. I plan to eat three meals a day, with planned snacks. I also want to cut down on the “junky” food and try to prepare more meals from “scratch”

3) No more weigh-ins. Without going into detail, this is a particularly big deal for me. I’m not going to trash my scales completely, but I am going to remove them from my bathroom and store them elsewhere so that I’m not tempted daily.

4) No more chocolate – I really like chocolate but I have noticed that I can get headaches after eating it – this is because there is a significant level of caffeine in most types chocolate. I can’t handle caffeine, so have been a decaf only girl for over 2 years, but this year I’ll take it a step further and reduce my chocolate intake completely.


1) Journal regularly  – at least once a week I hope to record events, hopes, prayers, dreams so that I can look back on these and see God at work

2) Read more Christian books – I have a bookshelf full of recommended reading which is sadly neglected, so I aim to read one Christian book for every two non-Christian books.

3) Read 50 books – I am keeping up with this goal on goodreads.com

4) Invest in relationships – Many of my close friends live away from me, I want to ensure that I continue to invest in these relationships, by visiting, writing letters and calling on the phone

5) Facebook fast – beginning on 2nd January I will be changing my Facebook password and spending a month away from “the social network”, instead focussing on real-time relationships

6) Organise my spending, and save – this is pretty simple, I aim to save more than I spend and pay off debts as soon as possible.

And so those are my goals for 2012 – I’ll be writing them in my journal and considering my progress regularly. I’ll also be asking friends to help keep me accountable to these goals, and hope to post regularly about my progress, challenges and thoughts over the next year.