Rachel and Phil’s wedding … 5-11-2011

Yesterday one of my closest friends Rachel married her lovely fiance Phil in a truly stunning ceremony. Not gonna lie, there were a few tears as I watched her come down the aisle! It was such a beautiful, worship-filled day and Jesus was so at the centre of it all. Rachel and Phil are a great couple who have really dedicated their relationship to serving God and being obedient in where he is calling them – to the extent that they have only just secured a flat because they felt God calling them to move to a certain part of London.

Seeing Rach in her wedding dress, standing at the top of the church on her dad’s arm was just amazing, especially when she snuck her hand out to hold Phil’s as well. I only sobbed a little at that bit, really.

So beautiful.

I felt really honoured to be invited to the afternoon reception and it was such a joy to listen to the speeches, especially Phil’s speech which was such a reflection of the work God has done in his life and how his love for Jesus has led him to love Rachel.

And, we got really sweet wedding favours!

Bridesmaid’s bouquet

My attempt at arty photography…not bad?!

(Also, I completely loved their place settings – Rach and Phil took cute photos of themselves with the table number on a piece of paper in the shot. We were on table ten…definitely the best table!)

First dance

Me with the happy couple – poor Phil didn’t know if he was going to be in the shot or not, he totally was! (Also, my dress only cos £1!)

All in all it was a very wonderful weekend and I loved every second of it! Kate, Melissa, Katie and I travelled up together and we decided to make a proper weekend of it; Katie and I stayed over at the Travelodge while Kate and Melissa stayed with a friend and today we decided to go to the Kings Arms church in Bedford (taking a ‘minor’ detour to a pub called the Kings Arms by mistake) God totally wanted us there, the worship was so engaging and the preach really touched us all. I’ve heard the speaker before, at Center Parcs training for Impact, and he is a really intelligent and Godly guy…it felt so good to go to a different church and see that God is the same God no matter where we are. Loved it!

Now I’m home and I’m waiting for photos etc to upload on Facebook! I also managed to get a video of the entrance of the Bridal party but it won’t upload as the file is the wrong type, so if I get that sorted I’ll upload it…it was to a gorgeous piece of music!



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