Today’s productivity

Read my Bible

Did 40 laps in the pool

Returned some clothes to the store

Recycled about twenty assorted jars and bottles (I love the sound as they smash in the jar-bank)

Went to Physio and let the therapist manipulate my neck so much it made me nauseous 😦

Spent far too many minutes in traffic around the Wincheap roundabout – it makes me grit my teeth when I know I have to sit through that every.single.time I have to go anywhere!

Made a lime yoghurt cake (see below!) … to be honest I was rather sceptical about how yoghurt could possibly work in a cake (it substitutes the butter, has a fair amount of flour and also has ground almonds) It made a rather thick, clumpy kind of batter so I was worried it’d gone wrong! But, it smelt lovely in the oven and now it looks very delicious. Do you agree?!

Yummy yummy

I haven’t tasted it yet, but I just spent a ridiculous amount of time making a sugar syrup to put on the top, and so I have to let that sink through the cake to get it all limey. I’m hoping I like it, otherwiseI spent a silly amount of time on it.

Also today I watched two of the preaches in the most recent series from church, which I missed due to being away. I also missed this Sunday’s preach, though I was at church for both services!
Right now I am off to Westgate Hall to try and give blood…last time they wouldn’t let me as my iron levels were too low (by 3 points, sucky) so I’m hoping they’re back up again today as if you go three times and they can’t take it, you’re not allowed to go again 😦 And it costs the NHS every time they test your levels so I don’t want to waste their money!

Following that, I am going to return my library books and get new ones, then I will come home and hoover and probably have a cup of tea before I go and collect Rachel and Hannah from school.

Fun stuff 🙂



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