Catch up…

Seems I took a little blogging break for a while. Apologies. In my defense, I was a poorly little chicken and whilst I’m sure hearing about all my ills would have been greatly entertaining for some, the thought of spending more than 5 minutes at a time staring at a bright computer screen was enough to send me back to bed!

I’m almost better now, though. I don’t really know what happened, or how a simple cold for any normal person ends up knocking me out for over a week but oh well.

What have I been up to, I hear you ask?! Not a great deal, to be truthful. Mostly work, and being ill!

It was Jessica’s 2nd birthday last Thursday, so I had a few days leave booked so I could go home for the party. Conveniently that coincided with my most poorly time, so I was able to be at home with my lovely mum who makes me cups of tea (which I’d always forget to drink) and gets up in the night when she hears me coughing to give me medicine 🙂 What a dear.

Jessica can say my name now, which fills me with a ridiculous amount of joy! She was very cute at her party and I took her out for the morning the day after (we went for lunch with Abigail and it was lots of fun) She had lots of presents but was more interested in the balloons!!



I came back home on Tuesday and was back at work on Wednesday, and so other than working I honestly haven’t done a great deal. Two of the girls I disciple came round for dinner on Friday night and we had a good catch up and some prayer and generally a lovely time.

Then yesterday, Nancie (one of the girls) and I went to the Marlowe Theatre to see Cirque Eloize which is a troupe of French circus type artists. They were amazing, but also a little bit weird in placed – one act was “hand to hand” where a guy and girl did loads of acrobatics stuff together and some of it was oddly sexual and Nancie and I thought it was just a little bit too much, and then there was a scarily flexible girl who did contortions and that was a bit gross really. She kind of delighted in getting the crowd to go “eugh” when she dislocated herself. She did do the fun twirly aero-acrobatics on the ribbons though, that was cool.

The best bit was when a group of them did the “trampo-wall” which was basically throwing themselves off the set wall and bouncing on a trampoline then flinging themselves up to stand/sit/lie on the wall again. It was a good show overally but next time I go to the Marlowe I shall get different seats as we couldn’t see the whole stage.

Yesterday turned out to be full of culture as Rosie and I and her dad went to see the Soweto Gospel Choir in the evening, though that was a lit of a letdown because although it was an amazing sound, the concert was in the Cathedral so literally only the first 10 rows could see anything! Everyone came out looking as miserable as they’d gone in and complaining that there’s no point going to see a Gospel Choir when you can’t see how joyful they are. Which is totally true.

It’s been a nice weekend really. I loved being at church again, though I managed to go to two services and not sit in for either preach (creche on the first service and chatting with a friend through the second). I’ll listen to it online tomorrow, I have quite a few to catch up on so I’m going to have a peaceful day at home (in between my physio session and attempting to give blood) and listen to them all.

Tonight I’m out to the pub for a few hours, then home to watch Downton Abbey 🙂

Today is one of those days when I really like my life



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