The Hens in Cambridge

This weekend I went to Cambridge/Bedford for my lovely friend Rachel’s Hen Party…and God provided such stunning weather for us! The hottest October day since 1985, we were covered in suncream and fanning ourselves all day. It was gorgeous.

The weekend started with a car journey, as all good weekends tend to do, and a bit of a car swap. Rosie B was meant to be driving us, but her power steering went a little bit special on the way to collect Rosie and I, so we piled into my Rosie’s car instead and headed up the motorway to a little village near Cambridge, called Granchester. It was soooo hot, none of us could believe the weather and the tea place we went to was just gorgeous. They were a little overwhelmed by the number of people there, I think, the carpark was full and people had to park along the verge and walk down (like us!)

We sat under a tree, on deckchairs, and had yummy scones and sandwiches and gave Rachel her Hen Presents. Her sister-in-law Jude made a completely beautiful sash for Ray to wear, which had “Rachel’s Hen Do’ on it in pretty applique, and a veil and a tutu. She looked very cute, especially with her straw hat on top of the veil!

Gemma, one of the bridesmaids, had organised the day and did such a wonderful job, everything was carefully planned and thought through – after tea and presents we got into our cars again and drove into Cambridge to go punting!! I’ve never been before and it was a lot of fun, I confirmed my own suspicions that I have zero upper body strength and possibly also no sense of direction/steering, but we all took a turn with the punting stick and it was hilarious! Also, it was very refreshing being on the river and having the breeze.

Whilst we were in Cambridge we did a wedding themed photo challenge, and the team I was in won!!! Some of the things we had to do were hilarious, and a little risque (!) but we got a lot of giggles from the people we asked to help us and it was such fun.

We then drove to Bedford (getting lost on the way, since the satnav couldn’t recognise the new roads) and eventually got to Rachel’s house to get ready to go out for the evening – we went to a great-smelling curry restaurant called Indiya, and had poppadoms and curry and it was all soooo good. After curry we went back to Rachel’s, and got into jammies and looked through the photos from the challenge (and my team were crowned victorious!!) and then put on Bride Wars and ate fondue and then pretty much all fell asleep. Poor Ray got a little bit poorly from all the heat, but she’s fine now. We all slept on the floor in her room and in the sitting room and then woke up this morning to have cake for breakfast, because that’s just what you do at Hen Weekends!

The drive back to Canterbury felt like it took ages, and it was just so hot in the car but you couldn’t really do anything about it. We got back at about 1.30pm, which wasn’t that long really. And now I am sat trying not to overheat or be sick…too much heat and sun have gone to my head I think!

Here are some of the photos:

"How to be a domestic goddess"


Jude, our expert punter


We played Punt Bingo as we went along the river, and one of the only things we didn’t see was someone falling off a punt. Rachel nearly did, a few times, but actually she did very well (despite screaming quite a lot at the beginning) as she floated around the other side of the dock.

The hens!


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