My dream home

Today my Sat Nav took me on a jolly little journey through the darkest depths of East Sussex…a very pleasant journey except for the fact that a roundtrip which is usually 94 miles and almost all 60mph limits turned out to be 128 miles through a series of tiny villages and most of the roads were limited to 30mph.

Annoying, and uncomfortable since it was HOT today and I drank my bottle of water within the first half hour.

However, it was BEAUTIFUL!

Driving through the lovely sunny East Sussex countryside and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and yummy smells (somehow one part of countryside managed to smell like fish and chips on a hot day!) was fairly nice, really, and on the way through one particular village I found my absolute dream home.

Wanna see it?



Do you think it’s big enough?!


A prayer

My Father in heaven,

May your name be made holy

Help me to treat with the respect and awe that You deserve

Help me to worship You

You are the true King

Your majesty and splendour are immeasurable

You are worthy of all praise


Lord let your Kingdom come

Do Your will, God

Deal with me justly, in your loving mercy

Cause me to be undone, Father, to submit to your Kingly authority

And depend on you

You, who are powerful beyond words

I am desperate for you


Give me all I need – all that is good comes from you

You meet all my needs, big and small

Let your peace flow through me and quiet my soul

My heart longs for your comfort

I cry out for you


Forgive me my sins, my heavenly Father

Help me to live in submission to your will,

To humbly submit to a lift that glorifies your name

Forgive me, My God, and create in me a clean heart

Help me to follow you, to walk in your ways only


You paid my price, God – you made the way

You are able to keep me from stumbling

You won’t let me fall

You are my rescuer

You saved me, and raised me to life!

I give you glory, I come to you in adoration

I love you

My Father, My King

My God

My wild Friday night

It’s been a long week…

What with being at home this weekend I didn’t get my proper day off – it was spent walking the dog, drinking tea with my mum, playing with Jessica at a soft play centre and driving 265 miles back to Canterbury!

And then I’ve worked a lot of hours, and driven many miles (almost 600 work miles in the last month) and today I had to go to Bromley for a meeting (first ‘proper’ social work meeting of that kind, it wasn’t a bad experience) – but all that considered, I am a sleepy girl.

Hence, my wild Friday night has consisted of watching Emmerdale and Coronation Street, taking a nice looooong shower and doing a home french manicure. I have pretty nails again (I get a bit nibbly sometimes but thanks to the wonders of white polish I now have beautiful tips).

Now it is 9.30pm, and I am snuggled up on my bed watching the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy and trying to decide if I’m going to be quitting Facebook.

But that’s another blog post…


Bible covers!

Our cell group – now to be called Small Group – are all reading the Bible in a Year…so far we’re up to Joseph in Genesis and Jesus has fed thousands upon thousands in Matthew. It’s going well, I like to read my Bible whilst I’m eating breakfast – nourish the body and the soul at the same time!!

The only thing is, all the Bibles we bought are the same, and in Rosie’s and my case it’s tricky because I always need to check which Bible belongs to whom (though typing this I’m wondering if it matters, since we’re both going to be reading the same thing each day…?)

Besides the point. This evening some of the ladies from our Small Group got together and made Bible covers! I did Rosie’s as well as  mine, as she has a cold and needed a night in to rest.

Aren’t they pretty?

Mine is the one on the left...
I even made a little page marker!

I am LOVING the polka dots. The page marker matches a pair of shoes that I have. That might be a little odd, but I like dots.

All in all it was a lovely night, I enjoyed spending time with people and all our covers are very different so we will know whose is whose the next time we get together to discusswhat we’ve been reading 🙂

Now I am looking forward to my bed.


I’m headin’ home…

for the weekend

Not right this second, but on Friday when I finish work. My sister Rebecca (who is 19) is going to Bangor University on Saturday, so I’m going to see her off, and then stay til Monday and hang out with my second sister Abigail (who is 17) for the weekend. Hopefully we’ll get to see my dad and Michelle, and our brother and sister. Callum’s cat just had kittens and they look very adorable; good job they aren’t old enough to leave their mum or I’d be tempted to bring one home. (I’m sure Rosie wouldn’t mind)

So basically this is just an update to say I’m away for a few days so I’ll catch up to blogging when I’m back.


p.s. if you feel like it, pray for my sisters: Rebecca as she steps out in University and Abigail as she adjusts to being the only kiddo at home. They will definitely miss each other as they are very close. Thanks!

As from today, I shall be Miss Productive…

Since having Mondays off (for the first time in, I think, forever) I have realised that I actually squander these days unnecessarily. Most likely it’s because I am not used to this level of freedom – there has always been something to do, or somewhere to go, so when


I tried to throw the tv doofah at it, but it jumped (LITERALLY JUMPED) and ran away. Rosie isn’t here to save me, so now I am sitting tensely on the sofa convinced that the killer arachnid is going to climb up the back of the sofa and freak the heck out of me. Eek.

…As I was saying: when I started having Mondays off I ended up just wasting them because I didn’t need to do anything. This then left me really lethargic at the end of the day and feeling like I needed to do something energetic because I had just bummed around for the day. Monday before last I actually went for a real life RUN because I had so much energy I needed to get rid of!!

Which brings me to the point:

As from today, I will be productive with my day off. Not in a “get chores done” type way – cleaning and laundry etc will be reserved for Saturdays, like normal. But Mondays will be my day for spending time with people who I don’t always get to see, reading (and not restricting myself to a chapter here or there, but however much I would like to read), exercise, and generally getting things done.

Today I:

read day 12 of the Bible in a Year (in this installment, Jacob and Esau were born and foolish Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew, whilst Jesus told us not to worry because we are more cared for than the sparrows, and also we were encouraged to value Wisdom)

– went swimming (and paid £4.00 for the privilege! However, I calculated that this is 20p per lap, which doesn’t feel that much and just means I need to do more laps next week to make it cheaper)

– met up with the lovely Laura Cross and had a superbly long chat about all things Impact, as she’s just started her year with City

– went to the Library, and got some new books to read

– read half of the first book!

– made biscuit dough

– went to pick up the delightful Strandvik girls from school, brought them home to mine to make biscuits and watch Disney Sing-along Songs, then..

– went to pick up the youngest delightful Strandvik girlie from Nursery and took all three of them home to have supper and play hairdressers. I was the model and had the most attractive new style when Gustav, their dad, came home. I helped do bathtime for the girls, then came home for my dinner

– right now I am watching Corrie (having already watched Emmerdale) while my butternut squash and parsnip chips are cooking. (Part of my healthier lunch plan – healthier in that I plan to actually take lunch to work)

All in all, a fabulous day, I think.


One day, Tuesday, Wednesday…weekend yet?

So, I feel like I’m ready for the weekend already – I had to work on Monday because we had a few emergency things in Hastings that I had to deal with, so I’ve already done three days and I feel like tomorrow should be Friday so that Friday can be Saturday so that I can sleep.

I want sleep. Sleeeeeeep. Today I went to EMP, which was brilliant, and then I had a slightly later start at work this morning so I was able to go to the breakfast at Wetherspoons, but then when I got into work I was faced with a to-do list that had 16 points on it, and went almost straight into a meeting and came out of said meeting with another 5 to-do points.

How many of my points did I complete today?


Not great, really, but I’m not going to worry about it, I’ll just get a better start on it tomorrow. It’s not like I did nothing all day, just things kept cropping up that needed urgent attention. My to-do list is mostly typing: I’ve got about seven meeting reports (total of about 13 hours worth) to type up. I can get that done whenever, really, but I like to be up-to-date with everything so I can just pull it out when someone mentions a decision or a query.


It’s been a while since I blogged, so what have I done recently:

– went to the cinema twice, saw the First Grader, and Sarah’s Key. Both made me cry, I’ve read the book of Sarah’s Key and that made me cry, it’s a really harrowing book, and the film was more horrific. It was accurate to the book, apart from one bit which didn’t change the story. I’m actually glad they changed it.

– had a fun worship night with some girl friends, with dinner and singing and prayer – it was awesome

– tidied my rooooooom!

– made lots of plans for fun things in the next month or so!

– RSVP’d to my best friend’s wedding and hen weekend

– wrote and sent a lot of letters, catching up with lots of friends

– looked into which gym to join

– looked into which counselling course I might like to do, but they are all super expensive and I don’t think I’d be able to fund it myself…work may support me in part but lots of the proper qualifications are full-time college courses. Grr.

– made chocolate orange muffins, which were incredibly delicious

– went to a dinner party, for my cell leader Simon’s birthday – 12 of us around a makeshift table, having a lot of laughs and some great food. The table was literally home-made, Faith had got a big sheet of MDF of something, and some legs, and put some beakers on top of stools to make sure that the tabletop didn’t droop (really!!!) and it was a lovely evening getting to chat with everyone and catch up on everyone’s summer.

– caught up with my discipler, and had a sweet evening sat talking on the sofa with her, sewing the hems on her three boys’ school trousers whilst she finished the ironing.

– caught up with my best friend, who has moved back to Bedford before her wedding, I haven’t seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up on her news and wedding plans and things.

– frustrated Rosie a lot because my laptop has decided that it’s not speaking to our internet router, so that I’m having to borrow hers if I want to do anything…

… including this, and now I need to give it back so I’m gonna end here…and post an update on my first non-serving, non-Impact Sunday at church later!


And I’m sure I’ve done an awful lot more than that.