Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s the last Bank Holiday Weekend of the year…except for me it’s now just like any regular weekend, since I no longer work Mondays (whoop!!!!). Actually, saying that, it isn’t like any regular weekend…I am “on-call” for work this week, which usually runs from end of office hours on Monday (i.e 5pm Monday) to the beginning of office hours the following Monday (9am). However, due to the Bank Holiday, the office will be shut so any emergencies etc will be reported to me. So in essence, being on-call the week of a Bank Holiday means I am in effect, working whilst the majority of others are not…I feel this is an error.

Oh well. Here’s hoping that the kiddos will behave and no-one will decide to kick off or run off or have an arm fall off (I needed another scenario with “off” in it…that has actually never happened and I’d be very upset if it did!)

Rambling about work isn’t the purpose of this post. Oh no…not today 🙂 Today’s post is about two things…DIY and baking. The latter of which I happen to LOVE, the former…not so much.

HOWEVER…you may remember I gleefully posted about my newly purchased wardrobe a little while ago. Well, it was delivered on Friday (by two surly delivery-men who had neglected to read my delivery instructions which clearly stated “delivery required above ground floor” and were stroppy with Rosie who kindly waited in for me) and so the lovely Tasha and I spent three (yes, only three!!) hours assembling it yesterday.

Of course I had to photograph the occasion…

Old wardrobe...came apart scarily quickly...
Wonderful Tasha...such a help, and a D.I.Y MASTER!!!!


So many pieces...


Finished product...we were proud, and my things will fit in, woohoo


I haad to include the last one…Tasha asked so nicely for a hammer, and then was directed to my (very flowery) toolbox, to find a VERY pink and VERY flowery hammer. I think she nearly wet herself laughing. And was not impressed. I, on the other hand, love my tools. The pattern makes no difference to its’ effectiveness, and it adds a touch of hilarity when others (e.g. Tasha, or firemen) need to use my tools. Hehe.

So that was what I did on Saturday afternoon. In the evening Rosie and I went mulberry foraging (yes, really) up at the University and had a wonderful time getting all berry-stained; the berries are very juicy when ripe and at many points it did look like I’d had an unfortunate accident…juice dripping down my hand looked scarily like blood. We figure that’s where the phrase “caught red-handed” came from.

In addition, it turns out that mulberry bushes (as in the nursery rhyme: ‘here we go round the mulberry bush’) are actually more like trees.  Sadly I forgot my camera, so no pictures of our little escapade…which is a shame, since for the majority of the foraging I was in fact halfway up the tree. In my defense that’s where the most ripe ones are, and you’re looking at a girl who spent a vast majority of her childhood on Dartmoor with her nana, being encouraged (read: forced) to climb trees and massive rock formations. I am fearless.

Moving on. After the mulberries we went to see The First Grader, at the Gulbenkian (the cinema on UKC campus) which was a brilliant film. There may have been some wetness in the eye areas at several points, but it was also funny too. Heartbreaking and heartwarming, and also very enlightening. I’d recommend it, though there are some quite violent parts so it’s definitely not suitable for younger ones, or those who can’t stomach violence (like me).

Which brings us to today!! My first time back at City since finishing Impact (4 weeks ago) and I had agreed to serve on creche since a friend couldn’t. I got to spend a lovely hour or so playing with gorgeous children and chatting with mums from church, so it was great. It was so good to be back at church for worship, and I’m not gonna lie, it was so wonderful to just rock up at 10.15 and leave at 12.30!

This afternoon I went to The Range (new superstore in Canterbury) to get some new storage boxes for in my wardrobe (also managed to pick up a bar of chocolate and a lightshade) then I came home and watched a movie (read: napped) and theeeeeen I made this beautiful creation:

MULBERRY PIE!!!! (and cinnamon crunch things made using the leftover pastry since I hate waste)

** Now, the observant among you may have noticed that my blog has become much more photo-friendly in the recent month or so. This would be because I have recently acquired a new camera, and after going most of my University years without one, I am catching up now by photographing pretty much everything. I hope that’s not a problem. If it is, tough…it’s my blog so nerrrrr.

Gosh, I’m so mature it scares me.

My point being: I took photos of my baking too, so here are some for your perusal…

Mulberries…which, for future reference, attract in the greater Canterbury area. Thankfully I have a swatter for such occasions, but be careful because you don’t want mulberry and fly pie. Ick.

Check out how neat my lattice strips are! I didn’t use a ruler or anything…though it definitely crossed my mind.

Ready to go in the oven…and you’ve seen the finished product already, so to finish this post (which has been startlingly long, sorry!) I’ll leave you with a photo of the cheeky little trinkets that Rosie brought back from her holiday at the end of July…


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