It’s official…

…my family are nuts!


Today was the final day of our holiday in Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire. I’m so tired after our 6 hour (!!!!) journey. I worked it out at an
average of 29 miles an hour…thank you Saturday traffic!

It was a really good holiday actually, the weather was really good apart from one day – the only downside of that being that it made our cottage REALLY hot and that meant everyone had trouble sleeping. Except me, because I can sleep through anything apparently!

We went on quite a few outings throughout the week; to Oxford and this little village called Broadway which was the Prettiest Village of the Year 2007, and to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park as well…a fair bit of driving all round but it was nice to see all the different things around; afterall how often do we go on holiday?

And we managed to have only one grumpy day…which I’m going to blame on the weather because it was really hot all the days beforeĀ  that, and on the grumpy day it tipped it down the whole time so we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves.

I’ll try and blog more about it later but I need to go and find some bedding for the spare room (from the airing cupboard which I so lovingly tidied, which is now an absolutely state again!) and also I just need to crash out. I’m very sleepy.

But here are some photos of our holiday:


All our knees squished together on the little train at the Wildlife Park




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