I’m in the Cotswolds…so far we’ve taken about 200 photos between us and have had a ton of fun already. I love it. Time with my family like this is great…it’s been a few months since we were all together (and still not completely together cos my brother had to leave before I could get here) but it’s relaxed and fun and the weather is great too which helps.

I managed to get here with only the directions printed from the internet, since the cigarette charger socket thing in my car seems to have died and the battery on the satnav had run out. I’m very impressed with myself! I think it helped that I was at a wedding only about an hour from here on Saturday, so I vaguely recognised the turn offs etc. It felt quite annoying really; Thame (where I was) is off junction 7 of the M40, and the turnoff I needed was junction 8. But, it was worth going back to Canterbury on Saturday night – not that it was optional – because Sunday was the last Sunday of my Impact year.

It’s officially done…though I still need to hand back my keys. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet…it probably will over the next few days, or if not, when holiday is done. I think I’m still running on adrenaline at the moment!

I am going to try and upload some photos and video tomorrow…we have so many weird shots already that my memory card was full so I’ve transferred all my images onto the computer already.

I’m having a blast…and still 4 days to go here 🙂



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