I’m living in chaos :(

Last week, at bedtime, Rosie came into my room and said that her room smelt. We went to investigate, and discovered that the reason her room smelt was that her carpet was wet.

And by wet…I mean, absolutely and completely sodden! Boo 😦

We called our landlords and they came to check it out the next day, and did this:

the carpet is all gone 😦

The carpet was too wet, so they had to cut it up and now the whole lot has been replaced…which is good. But, in the meantime we had to move all Rosie’s stuff into my room because of the smell, and so that the new carpet could go in.

For the last ten days, my room has looked like this…  


Chaos hurts my brain 😦

But, I’m thinking positively about it: it happened only a few days before I went to Brighton, so Rosie was able to sleep in my bed for the week rather than having to sleep on the fold out bed until her room was fixed…it was fixed really quickly, because we have kind and understanding landlords who came out immediately and didn’t make us feel like it was our fault…and it now gives me more of a reason to fix up my room properly. I was getting bored of it the way it is, and it’s hard to keep it neat because there is too much floor space and not enough storage.

That’s three reasons why it’s not a complete disaster…which is good enough for me.

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