The Friday Feeling

I love Fridays…knowing that the weekend stretches out ahead. Saturdays are sort of my favourite day, because I can choose to do whatever I’d like. I can even choose to do nothing, not that that choice lasts more than a few hours before I get supremely bored.

It’s been a long week and I’ve felt like a zombie through most of it – my very late night on Monday took several nights to recover from and I only started to be human again yesterday. It’s weird that even though I did get 8 hours sleep on Monday, because I’d been awake for so long before that (I worked a 17 hour day!) I needed much more sleep, but life didn’t really account for that.

Still. It’s been a good week, even if it’s been long. I’m currently reading “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers, and it took me a good few attempts to make it past the first paragraph because I was listen to music at the same time. This doesn’t work because even though my eyes are reading the words of the book, my mind is singing the words of the song!

Nevertheless, I’m now very “into” the book. It’s one of a series I’ve borrowed from Faith, my friend and cell leader. It’s about a Christian girl who is enslaved after the fall of Jerusalem, many years after Christ’s death and resurrection. She’s bought by family living in Rome, and I won’t spoil any of the story but it’s dark and sad and disturbing and beautiful and hopeful and inspiring all at once. Some bits can be quite gory, but not just for the sake of it – only as much is needed for the development of the story, and while there is reference to sex, it’s not in a descriptive way (the same as the gory parts) so I would have no issue recommending it to people.

I’m off to my discipler’s house tonight, to help her paint a playhouse for her children. I’m excited. I really enjoy spending time with their family – I wish I’d gotten to know them earlier. It will be a fun night, and then hopefully I’ll have a lie-in tomorrow morning before my free Saturday!



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