Church on the Farm, a blast from the past and Memory Verse Monday

This past weekend was our Regional Church Weekend Away – three days camping on a farm about 8 miles away from Canterbury. Our church put on the event and did an amazing job, it was such great fun even if the weather was pretty awful most of the time. On the Friday evening the speaker preached about Peter walking on water, and Jesus calming the storm – all while a huge storm was raging outside! We were inside a marquee, which was huge and draughty and everytime the wind outside got louder the fabric walls and roof just blew like mad. I have decided that I love camping, and Rosie and I are going to go together over the summer. I didn’t get to really listen to much of the teaching, but the sessions will be online so I can watch them whenever. What I did hear was awesome!

Another really exciting thing that happened this weekend is that an old friend got back in touch after almost two years! Emily and I became email pen-pals when I was seventeen and she was sixteen, now I’m twenty-two and she’s twenty-one. We lost touch in 2009 when I started my second year of Uni, but she emailed me again the other day and it’s like we never stopped.  I’m so pleased, I really miss emailing with her – we got to be quite close, though that sounds crazy because we’ve never met – and really, may never meet because she lives in New York (and used to live in Vegas) but who knows. I’m just happy we’re back messaging again!

Finger update: I had to go back to Minor Injuries to get my finger checked cos it looked so gross, and I had to have the steri-strip taken off cos it was stopping it heal. A weekend on a muddy farm hasn’t helped it, but the bandage is off and it’s starting to heal properly. It’s gonna scar, probably quite badly, but hopefully because it’s on the underside of my finger I won’t see it.

I also had to go to the hospital for a blood test during the week because I had a weird fainting episode which freaked me out. I keep having them, so hopefully if there’s something going on the blood test will figure it out.

Here’s this week’s Memory Verse:

Whatever you do, work heartily,as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lordyou will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24


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