I’m moving!

Eek. On 1st May, my friend Rosie and I are moving into our brand new flat!! We didn’t expect to find one, and have such an early moving date, but the landlords were willing to reduce the rent if we could move in on that day; as they are moving into their new place at the end of April and don’t want the flat to be sitting empty for long.

It’s BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a brand new 2 bed apartment in a new development in Canterbury, two bathrooms and two parking spaces (which are like gold dust!) – it’s perfect. We are very excited.

The scary thing is that it is unfurnished (doesn’t even have a fridge!) so we are relying on God to meet our needs – and He is already doing it – people at church have offered us furniture; a sofa, two armchairs, a dining table, a bed, a chest of drawers, a TV and a freezer, and Rosie has managed to get a double bed frame and a double mattress from Freecycle today! And we have some bids on Ebay as well, so we know it will all work out.

It’s so exciting!

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