What I did yesterday

A few days ago my mum asked me if while I was home I could have “a bit of a sort out” of her airing cupboard. And I said yes, because I am the kind of person who loves to have things all neat and organised – and even though it isn’t my airing cupboard, when it looks like this:



Well, not really freak out – but it does leave me feeling a little crazy.

(The only thing worse than the chaos in the airing cupboard is that to get to it in the first place you have go into my sister’s bedroom. I’ve been forbidden from showing a photo…but it’s truly the most chaotic room I’ve ever seen.)

So, I was totally up for sorting out the madness. I know that as soon as I head back home everyone will descend into their old ways of just chucking stuff in, but hey – it kept me occupied and happy for two hours and my mum was pleased with it. She did that funny smile that I know means she is just humouring me because I stacked the pillowcases in rainbow colour order, but I don’t care.

Here’s the finished project…

...after 🙂

It’s so TIDY!

Who knew there was so much space in the cupboard? For that matter, who knew that we had so much bedding?! I guess that’s what comes from moving house every couple of years and getting new bedding to make it feel like home.

My tips for organising:

1) Take out one thing at a time, and fold it, then make piles: sheets, pillowcases, towels, duvet covers etc. Continue til the cupboard is completely empty, because when it’s empty it’s not threatening.

2) Sort all matching linens together and put everything (still folded!) into one of the pillowcases of the set – this means that you don’t have to hunt around to find things that match.

3) Have a shelf for each different thing. (This totally will not last in this case!) But, I put:

– king-size bedding sets on the top shelf, since no-one has a king-size bed right now they don’t need to be easily accessible.

– single and double bedding sets on the next shelf down; easy access to make up a bed when your 21 year old daughter suddenly turns up on the doorstep for 3 weeks

– spare pillowcases and cushion covers, and (spare toilet rolls) on the middle shelf. We often use pillowcases as hot water bottle covers so it’s nice not to have to hunt all over the place for them. As I said, they’re stacked according to the rainbow but that’s just me.

– the bottom shelf holds the old/spare curtains, electric blankets, heavier blankets/quilts, and towels. To be honest, the curtains could have gone on the top shelf too – but I was too short to reach, and also they were really heavy and I’m just a weakling. So bottom shelf it was.

– Under the bottom shelf I shoved all the spare pillows, because they squish really easily.

In the midst of all the organising I also found: the cover of the boiler (always helpful), several coathangers, a sleeping bag cover, a weekend holdall, some bubble bath and two hot water bottles.

Oh the joy of organising!!!



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