Prince William and Catherine Middleton


This is the first Royal Wedding of my generation and I am SO excited – I’ve been up since 8am wathing the coverage on BBC, and it’s just amazing 🙂

Days like this make me very proud to be British. I love that we have a monarchy, and that even in this era when the world is worried about wars and famine and poverty (which we of course should be concerned about) we can still be happy for our future King and his bride.

One of my earliest memories was watching all the coverage when Princess Diana died, and I remember seeing Princes William and Harry walking down behind the funeral cars…I was only little, but these are the things that you remember, aren’t they – and I’m feeling very patriotic and excited that we are getting our future Queen today.

Yay for Prince William and Catherine Middeton 🙂

“Submit to God. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you”

That verse is from James 4:7. It’s been my memory verse for the past two weeks and has had the most impact on me of my memory verse ‘challenge.

I think it is because it is so short, yet encompasses a whole lot:

Submission is almost always viewed as a negative thing – implying a bad inequality, being forced to take a lesser position thann someone else, but the truth is, in submission to God, we receive total freedom!

How much power does it take to resist the Devil?

It takes so much of our strength that scripture says it is impossible to do it by ourselves. WE NEED GOD. We can do ALL things through him – but only through Him.

In submitting to God, we don’t lose anything – we gain complete power to resist the Devil. WOW! How outstanding is that?!

This past week I have started my day by saying a really short prayer that I wrote out and blu-tacked onto the chest of drawers by my bed – it’s almost the first thing I see and in saying it every day I have really noticed a difference in the way that I feel throughout the rest of the day: as someone with a tendency to feel pretty low (particularly at certain *times of the month* – girls have emotions, it’s a fact)

The truth is; while it is hard to submit (especially for a crazy type-A personality like me) – it’s simply impossible to live without God – he is the provider, the sustainer, the Father, the One who knows me…and by HIS power I can resist the Devil. *whoop!*

James 4:7… Submit to God. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.

Philippians 4:13… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

A wild Friday night…

I wanted to blog about this over the weekend, because it was very exciting for me – but, alas, my phone and laptop decided to gang up against me and refuse to let me upload any photos. And I need photos 🙂

My wild Friday night consisted of sorting all of this:

…into a new chest of drawers that the Harding family from church kindly gave me.

Such excitement for me!! My sewing stuff was already pretty well organised into boxes and tubs etc; but it’s just too many itty-bitty things. I like having things separated into their own little places, but when there was a chest of drawers available it just seemed perfect 🙂 And it will be much more manageable in the move, and in the new flat, to have everything (or as much as possible) stored in just one place.

Here’s what I did:

I have a whole drawer full of stuffing and padding! It’s a very bouncy, soft drawer 🙂

There’s also a drawer for fleece; because I don’t want to keep it in my wicker basket with all the other fabric – I use the fleece in the stuff I make for babies so it’s best to keep it separate from everything else as a lot of my fabric is second hand.

I also have drawers for:

>> general crafty stuff; wool, fabric paints, sequins and fiddly sparkly things, patchwork squares, wooden alphabet templates…just general mish-mash.

>> clothes patterns, my box of ribbons, my box of threads, the cardboard patterns I’ve used to make emblems…

>> finished products; my customised babygros which I am planning on loading onto my misi shop and/or gumtree etc to sell. I also have a stash of new, spare ones and some thoughts of new designs to try out when I’ve got the time and space again.

The whole re-shuffle took about two hours; I got quite sidetracked at points watching a programme I’d recorded from MTV – it was called “The New Virginity”…it was interesting!

I still have lots of my completed projects stored in boxes; again I need to load stuff onto misi! I’m going to look into buying another one of these:

…to store finished projects in, so that I can re-use the smaller boxes etc in other ways (i.e. for shoes!)

This storage box is completely stuffed full with all my big pieces of fabric…but it is quite a nice piece of furniture (does it count as furniture?!) so I don’t mind getting a second one to match. And I have space for it in my new bedroom, so it’s all good.

Oh! Update on the home-move; we move a day earlier than planned! 30th April, because of the Bank Holiday weekend! I’m very excited; God has been so faithful in meeting all our needs, we have everything we need except a fridge and are trusting that He will provide one of those too – we have looked on eBay and are keeping a close eye on freecycle and freegle… but we have everything else, which is amazing. We’re even getting things that were on our “would like” list (rather than our “desperately need or we can’t live” list) – like two DVD towers that I picked up this evening. AND, there’s a girl coming to look at my room in this house tomorrow so let’s pray she likes the room and goes for it 🙂

Less than two weeks to go!!


Memory Verse Monday

I didn’t get to post my memory verse last week as I was away on training, sans internet…but, I’m carrying the verse over into this week anyway since God has really been speaking to me through it.

The verse is:

James 4:7 – Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

It’s a simple verse, but that’s made it quite easy to memorise – so in quiet time I’m more focused on meditation than memorisation.

I’m loving it!

I’m moving!

Eek. On 1st May, my friend Rosie and I are moving into our brand new flat!! We didn’t expect to find one, and have such an early moving date, but the landlords were willing to reduce the rent if we could move in on that day; as they are moving into their new place at the end of April and don’t want the flat to be sitting empty for long.

It’s BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a brand new 2 bed apartment in a new development in Canterbury, two bathrooms and two parking spaces (which are like gold dust!) – it’s perfect. We are very excited.

The scary thing is that it is unfurnished (doesn’t even have a fridge!) so we are relying on God to meet our needs – and He is already doing it – people at church have offered us furniture; a sofa, two armchairs, a dining table, a bed, a chest of drawers, a TV and a freezer, and Rosie has managed to get a double bed frame and a double mattress from Freecycle today! And we have some bids on Ebay as well, so we know it will all work out.

It’s so exciting!

What I did yesterday

A few days ago my mum asked me if while I was home I could have “a bit of a sort out” of her airing cupboard. And I said yes, because I am the kind of person who loves to have things all neat and organised – and even though it isn’t my airing cupboard, when it looks like this:



Well, not really freak out – but it does leave me feeling a little crazy.

(The only thing worse than the chaos in the airing cupboard is that to get to it in the first place you have go into my sister’s bedroom. I’ve been forbidden from showing a photo…but it’s truly the most chaotic room I’ve ever seen.)

So, I was totally up for sorting out the madness. I know that as soon as I head back home everyone will descend into their old ways of just chucking stuff in, but hey – it kept me occupied and happy for two hours and my mum was pleased with it. She did that funny smile that I know means she is just humouring me because I stacked the pillowcases in rainbow colour order, but I don’t care.

Here’s the finished project…

...after 🙂

It’s so TIDY!

Who knew there was so much space in the cupboard? For that matter, who knew that we had so much bedding?! I guess that’s what comes from moving house every couple of years and getting new bedding to make it feel like home.

My tips for organising:

1) Take out one thing at a time, and fold it, then make piles: sheets, pillowcases, towels, duvet covers etc. Continue til the cupboard is completely empty, because when it’s empty it’s not threatening.

2) Sort all matching linens together and put everything (still folded!) into one of the pillowcases of the set – this means that you don’t have to hunt around to find things that match.

3) Have a shelf for each different thing. (This totally will not last in this case!) But, I put:

– king-size bedding sets on the top shelf, since no-one has a king-size bed right now they don’t need to be easily accessible.

– single and double bedding sets on the next shelf down; easy access to make up a bed when your 21 year old daughter suddenly turns up on the doorstep for 3 weeks

– spare pillowcases and cushion covers, and (spare toilet rolls) on the middle shelf. We often use pillowcases as hot water bottle covers so it’s nice not to have to hunt all over the place for them. As I said, they’re stacked according to the rainbow but that’s just me.

– the bottom shelf holds the old/spare curtains, electric blankets, heavier blankets/quilts, and towels. To be honest, the curtains could have gone on the top shelf too – but I was too short to reach, and also they were really heavy and I’m just a weakling. So bottom shelf it was.

– Under the bottom shelf I shoved all the spare pillows, because they squish really easily.

In the midst of all the organising I also found: the cover of the boiler (always helpful), several coathangers, a sleeping bag cover, a weekend holdall, some bubble bath and two hot water bottles.

Oh the joy of organising!!!